Germano Gambini

Germano Gambini Eyewear

The renaissance of an Italian Brand, with over 100 years of history!

CAPSULE: With a long history and looks into the future. Values, tradition, new ideas and the ability to evolve with style: all this in the capsule collection. Since personality has different faces to express, the capsule collection is a new inspiration every year: for the pleasure of playing in a new role, continue to amaze and make people dream.

i leggeri: Daring the less obvious color, exploring of unusual shape, the pleasure of finding your own style, or change it radically. All this is Light: a technically perfect collection, made with attention to the smallest details, flawless synthesis of a refined and contemporary aesthetics.

Cristalli: We radically rethink the image of Crystals, getting inspiration from the idea of a young sophisticated and contemporary woman, who invests in her own image and who likes to be glamorous. To emphasize the personality, we have named each model after a silver screen character: a modern heroine who brings a complex imagery, full of facets as the life of women.